Current Class & training Options 

Nick Blocha - "Ex-Machina"

Intensive Program - Film & Episodic, Commercial 


A 3 or 6 month course including classes & privates focused on Training you to “Settle in to yourself” then settle in to your character naurally across all mediums and genres. 

The intensive gives 1 on 1 guidance & a  plan to create professional marketing materials for,

submissions to castings 

  • develop demo/marketing materials,

  • agent submission guidance

  • mentorship,

  • industry development

  • networking with focus on guidance for professional representation for non- represented actors & guiance for represented actors to increase professional audtiions - callbacks & bookings. 

3- month program

2 classes + 2 privates/ week 1 ON 1 & group classes Zoom + Web Hosting + 1in person taping class per week


6 month program

Unlimited classes & coaching over 6 moths/webhosting + 1in person taping class per week



For information on the program email 


Online Courses

Zoom classes are available as an option for the on-camera classes | private coaching | audition coaching | and some courses such as the Script Analysis Course


Group Classes

Group classes are available most days of the week and cover Film/Tv auditioning and on camera technique.


Audition Taping

Audition taping is offered on an hourly basis.  Submissions are sent directly to agents or casting directors for you.


Private Coaching

Private coaching is available per hour and in blocks. Audition taping can be added at an additional cost.


7:30pm - 9pm

ZOOM 8:30pm - 9:30pm

Noon Zoom

8pm - 9:30pm

ZOOM 8:30pm - 9:30pm

8pm - 9:30pm

Script Analysis Class

ZOOM 8:30pm - 9:30pm

Noon Zoom

8pm - 9:30pm

ZOOM 8:30pm - 9:30pm

8pm - 9:30pm

Script Analysis Class

ZOOM 8:30PM - 9:30PM

All class end times are an estimation and depend on how many students attend that day, but as a rule, every actor gets at least 10-15 minutes of working time in front of the camera.

In addition I don't end class until EVERY student that wants to perform has had a chance!

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classwork videos in the classwork tab

Crystal Martinez has been acting professionally for over 20 years, and teaching actors from throughout the US for 10 years.

OGAC Founder and Coach Crystal Martinez has been acting professionally for over 19 years.

Since then Crystal has enjoyed the dual success of seeing many of her students go on to build their own careers in film & tv after learning the ropes in her classes. 

Crystal's strong relationship with area agents has earned her the privilege of enjoying their confidence and hosting them for visits where students she feels are ready, are able to perform scenes for professional feedback. These visits though not interviews, auditions OR job interviews, have provided her students exposure to professional agents and many have been given the opportunity to come in for interviews. 

Still today Crystal enjoys the confidence of local and national industry professionals and has provided her students with multiple opportunities through productions seeking talent who reach out to her with the confidence that her students are among the most professional and well trained in Houston, as well as resources through her various industry connections in photography, editing, website development, and more. 

OGAC has become a leader in providing Houston and the Texas area with professional training, informative workshops, guest speakers, and is most recently developing a department that will provide actors with the resources necessary to shoot high quality scenes for use in demo reels. These scenes will be produced and/or directed through OGAC with Crystal involved at every step to help bring the best quality product to the new actor's demo reel! Keep checking back to our website for more information on when this service will be available and how to register!

Add yourself to our email list by emailing us your contact information. Be sure to include what types of services you're interested in hearing more about as well as how you heard about OGAC & Coach Crystal Martinez! 

If you have an unquenchable desire to find out if acting is for you; if you feel the need to create and are seeking a place where you will be allowed the freedom to explore that creativity, a place to try to discover your passion and path in life, then

YOU are welcome at OGAC.

"I look forward to meeting, working with and learning from anyone who is willing to take a leap of faith together with Team OGAC! NEVER GIVE UP! See you in class!"

-Crystal Martinez