Team OGAC Students, showing their school pride in their OGAC t-shirts, joined audience members on the Debrah Duncan show AND came out to represent & support Coach Crystal Martinez & Student Evan Vourazeris when they appeared as guests to speak about Evan's incredible achievements and role recently booked role on NETFLIX series "OZARK"


Almost 19 years later, Crystal Martinez has managed to achieve a level of success that few people with so many things stacked against them were able to do. A single mother, from a working class blue collar family, with no spousal support, no degree, and nothing but determination to NOT be another statistic, from early on, she decided that she was going to prove everyone who doubted her wrong. 

And inspire anyone who ever felt the odds were insurmountable, to at the very least TRY, to see how many of those odds they could overcome.

It is this determination and firm belief that the desire to act, the desire to create art in all forms, when fervent and unquenchable is not an accident or a mistake, but a God given gift & because of that it is also a duty and responsibility to explore and find a purpose and use for it.  

And although not everyone will achieve the level of stardom that many hope for, in the process of doing what you love, and doing it with humility and passion, the proper direction, the PURPOSE in each persons life will be revealed. 

While she makes if very clear to EVERY actor who comes to train with her that she makes NO promises that they will become professional actors or achieve any measure of stardom or success, she does promise that as long as every person who comes through the door works hard, applies themselves and what they learn, not only to their acting career, but to better understand themselves by learning to empathize and understand others, they too will begin on the path to find their purpose and God willing their passion, be it acting or something else. That discovery is invaluable.

Because sacrifice, commitment and hope led her to make her own dreams come true, she was eventually inspired to accept the beautiful surprise blessing that came years later when she was also given this platform to help others do the same, as an acting coach. 

This is why since 2012 she has dedicated herself to helping people find their purpose, ignite their passion for the arts, and has helped create the careers of many of Houston's top working new talent. 



With a firm commitment to inclusivity, OGAC has an open door policy to those with special needs well, because she understands and has overcome her own form of adversity, she has dealt with lack of support, and has learned to take these challenges and turn them in to opportunities and success. She has been blessed with seeing those with their own specific challenges find success through her motivation and help! 

This is her calling and the motivating factor for why OGAC has supported, encouraged, trained and helped to start the careers of multiple actors with disabilities most notably Evan Vourazeris, who has been a recurring actor on Netflix series and award winning episodic "Ozark". And she is currently working with and cultivating new talent with special attributes ranging from Autism to cerebral palsy.