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Crystal Martinez - Here Comes Trouble

Crystal Martinez has been acting professionally for over 20 years, and teaching actors from throughout the US for 10 years.One of the things that has set her apart as an acting coach, is that she draws from her actual experiences as a Houston based struggling actor who overcame personal struggles and still managed to create a significant career while all the while,calling TEXAS home. She often talks about how despite humble beginnings, limited support and actually haven given up on an acting career many years ago, fate took over and led her to the present day and what she considers a wonderful platform where she can share those stories of overcoming adversity with other hopeful actors as an acting coach and mentor.Now as founder and Coach at OGAC (since 2012) she is always eager to share her extensive on-set experiences, both positive AND negative on Network tv shows, movies, commercials and more, as well.She doesn't sugar coat anything, because she personally knows and has experienced the struggle to attempt to create a career in what she considers to be the most difficult and rarely respected job choices out there. One where few ever truly succeed and where most are never respected for their achievements or abilities regardless of how few people in the world can actually do what we actors do.

In a business where there are 1,000's of talented actors who will never get an opportunity to succeed because of circumstances often beyond their control, 100's of mediocre actors will. For those who do achieve and begin to amass credits and some measure of success, there is another harsh reality they are soon faced with. As she once heard from a wise and skilled crew member, "You are only as good as your last job". 

Crystal realized quickly that unless and until an actor or creative works on their talent because at the root of who they are, they have a passion for it, and not simply for superficial reasons, the odds are that 95% of them will find disappointment, short lived careers and/or give up before finding out what they can truly do and the satisfaction that fuels every creative to continue to create, despite rejection, failure, adversity or time. She is also fond of saying that this career path is a marathon, not a sprint. Once that is firmly implanted in your mind, you will find peace in patience & that peace will only magnify your creativity and self growth.

A story she often likes to share with her students and one which completely changed her life once she truly matured enough to understand what it meant, occurred when she had the opportunity to work as an assistant AD on an independent film that actor Billy Zane, of "Titanic" fame among many others projects was starring in, and have a conversation with him. One evening she asked him if he had any advise for a young actress. His response was a question, "Is it your passion?" At that particular time she honestly didn't know, but not wanting to sound foolish, naturally she said "yes". He then said "then you'll find a way to succeed, because you will never be happy unless you can follow and fulfill your passion."

Many years and countless times after she tried to walk away from acting but kept getting drawn back in by opportunity, she finally gave herself completely over to the work of finding ways to improve and get on and stay on sets. Until she realized that without the ability to stand in front of a camera and speak a character's truth through her own experiences, emotions and personality, she would never be motivated in life or truly happy in another job, did she understand what he had meant. She fully realized that acting was the one job where she could experience a multitude of jobs, without being stuck to one for the rest of her life.

She had found the answer to Billy's question. Acting was her passion, and she has been passionately pursuing creativity and sharing that passion with others ever since.

If you have an unquenchable desire to find out if acting is for you; if you feel the need to create and are seeking a place where you will be allowed the freedom to explore that creativity, a place to try to discover your passion and path in life, then

YOU are welcome at OGAC.

"I look forward to meeting, working with and learning from anyone who is willing to take a leap of faith together with Team OGAC! NEVER GIVE UP! See you in class!"

-Crystal Martinez