2021 Class Discounts

OGAC has classes every day of the week! 


For a limited time you can get

4 - 1 hour private coaching sessions for $75

Group discount of $50 per person up to 4ppl!

Adult Classes

Enroll in Film/Tv Audition based classes over January - April and get a discount on 2 months


Learn everything from scene study and character analysis to on-set technique and set etiquette. 

Want to know what to do to jump start your career and get connected in the local film industry to start gaining experience and putting what you learn in class to use, come join us at OGAC! We have a strong group of people who are actively working locally and professionally and constantly making gains.

You get more than just a few moments on camera in my classes. Come find out for yourself by taking advantage of this huge discount!

All performances are taped and uploaded to our Youtube channel

NEW Classes available on Tuesday & Thursday @ NOON/7pm, Thur 7pm, Sat 3:30.

Call 713.492.8621 to register before the spots fill


Children's Classes 

My children's classes have several spots open for the 2021 

If you've been interested in finding out if your little one has a talent for acting this is the perfect time to sign them up to find out. 

My children's classes are run just like my adult film/tv classes. Students practice scenes and learn on set fundamentals like terminology, & etiquette, they work on material that would be given in an audition and work towards scene performances. 

While the ability to read is useful, if your child is good at memorizing songs or poems they are ready for this class as memorization is integral to auditioning and perfomance. 

These classes are not a camp. There will not be games and I am not a babysitter. These classes are for serious students & parents who feel their child has good discipline and a desire to perform. 

If you've always to see what your kiddo can do, Call 713.492.8621 TODAY to find out about the summer discounts and to enroll today!